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Accelerating  the co-operative response to climate change

Playing our part

Most of us in developed countries are responsible for adding about 10 tonnes of carbon to the atmosphere every year-and that's without lots of flights. We know we need to get to zero but this is virtually impossible for most of us as the products and services we would need are not available yet. Neither can we remove the carbon emitted over our lifetimes. In the meantime, we can pay others to reduce their emissions, or lock up more carbon than they otherwise would have done. This is called offsetting and is currently unregulated and of questionable effectiveness.

The problem with offsets

Offestting has got a bad name recently:

  • being used as an excuse for not reducing our carbon emissions wherever possible. 

  • spurious claims about carbon that would have been reduced anyway

  • fanciful calculations about the amount and timing for carbon captured

  • funding large projects without considering social and other environmental impacts

  • Ignoring the plight of the poorest communities around the world being hit by the effects of climate change now

Co-offsets are different

As a co-operative we are driven by values rather than profit. Purchasers of co-offsets can be sure that :

  • They are helping disadvantaged young people in Malawi take action in their communities to increase resilience to the effects of the changing climate

  • their money provides training, advice, and information to those we work with to increase the chances of success.

  • The co-operatives we support are  focused on sustainable development for their communities, and  believe in self-help and caring for others.

  • members have democratic control over the management and are independent of political interference.

  • Members share equally in the success of the business making them less dependent on grants and donations over time.

  • all the projects will reduce carbon emissions

  • we are committed to openness and honesty-we encourage our supporters to engage with our projects and will report regularly on progress

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