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Communities around the world are ready and willing to take action on the climate but many need a bit of help to get started. Few of us can eliminate our carbon but we can all help-and encourage others to do so.

Our members give their money, and/or energy, skills, knowledge, and ideas to help establish and develop successful co-operative businesses. Those who want to can choose the project to support or propose a new project.

If you want you can engage with members in the UK and Malawi and visit the projects (low cost accommodation is available at our resource centre on Lake Malawi). Helping develop local capacity and sharing learning will be hugely appreciated.

You can contribute by buying co-offsets or just making a donation.

The co-operative model gives the community control, a fair share of the benefits, and  greatly increases the sustainability and good governance of the projects. Our members will receive annual reports on each project and are encouraged to offer advice and support on the challenges encountered.

Loading bamboo plants at the nursery. Those on the right are five years old.

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