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You can help provide them with practical skills and green jobs

Baby boomers in the developed world have caused the huge increase in CO2 levels since 1950. The lifestyles of many younger people also continue to generate carbon and use resources at unsustainable levels. 

It is hitting the poorest and most vulnerable now.

There are no quick fixes for climate change but sharing knowledge, technology, and most importantly the capacity to deploy it are vital; and we can all contribute by joining Co-operative Climate Action and purchasing co-offsets.

COP26 has shown that it will be many years before governments take the action required and decades more for this to feed through to the climate .

Many individuals, businesses and organisations are working hard to reduce their own footprint but we need to do more to help future generations given the time it will take to achieve zero emissions.

We all share the oceans and atmosphere and  we want a global network of the young, and not so young, co-operating together to drastically reduce the effects of the changing climate in their communities .


The Co-operative model, tried and tested across the world for over 100 years offers a practical, bottom up,  approach with unique advantages to help tackle this global quest for survival:

  • autonomous, democratically controlled, community based organisations decide the priorities in their region.

  • they rely on self help and educating themselves about the technology; slower but more sustainable than outside management

  • members own the business and decide how to deploy any surplus

  • 3 million co-operatives around the world are committed to helping each other; an unrivalled network for sharing ideas and scaling up

  • transparency and care for the environment are key values

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